YWCA Miami



For information on how you can become a Volunteer with the YWCA, contact Denisha Sinclair at dsinclair@ywca-miami.org


  1. Teach a workshop to young women about Professional Development.
  2. Lead a support group on mental health.
  3. Assist in the vegetable garden to teach women & families how to grow & eat healthy foods.


  1. Bring forward self-esteem awareness to the at risk teens in the Youth Development program.
  2. Assist in the Boys2Men and Global Girls program so that our teens can become fully functioning adults in society.
  3. Guide our teens in how to prepare for college in our College Readiness program.


  1. Learn how a nonprofit organization functions from fundraising to finances.
  2. Intern in the Development Department to understand how fundraising and event planning are critical to bringing donations to our programs.
  3. Intern with a social worker!