YWCA Miami

Women's Health


Wellness Programs provide education and screenings for cancer and chronic diseases as well as preventative health workshops and exercise opportunities. We designed our Family Wellness Programs to best benefit the communities we serve.

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  • Trends continue to demonstrate low-income minority women are less likely to get routine tests due to availability, accessibility and acceptability
  • 67.4% of Miami Dade county residents are obese.
  • On average women in the US report an average of 4.5 mentally unhealthy days each month.
  • 1/3 of all female deaths are due to cardiovascular disease and stroke.


 Women's Health:  a snapshot 

Total Served: 5386

People of Color Girls
 61% 65%
Total Annual Investment in $193,545
*Based on 2014-2015 program data

Core Programs

Breast and Cervical Health: Provides screenings and preventative care for uninsured and underinsured families.

Obesity Prevention: This program provides social support and community based physical activity for seniors in the Miami Gardens area. This program incorporates regular community events to encourage strong networks of support.

Survivor Support: We are committed to supporting a woman’s whole being. Trained community educators, counselors and YW staff conduct regular workshops, support groups, courses and resources for survivors of sexual assault and survivors of breast cancer.

HealthCare Navigation: Along with our many community partners, we assist families in finding the best information and resources to receive affordable or free dental care and primary health care. YWCA Miami acts as a referral hub for all health related services needed within the community.