YWCA Miami

Women's Wellness


The Women's Wellness Program is over 21 years strong in the fight against breast and cervical cancer. We are active advocates for women’s’ health in our communities, providing screenings to low-income women, age 40 and older, who are uninsured or underinsured.

Services include:

  • Clinical Breast Exams (CBE)
  • Screening Mammograms
  • Follow-up exams like (Breast Ultrasounds, Diagnostic Mammograms, and Spot Compression)
  • Referral for Cervical screenings (Pap test)

Additional services:

  • Free breast and cervical education at various community sites
  • Participants receive information and education on breast self-assessment, signs and symptoms of breast cancer, screening recommendations, and referral to services

                                                               Services are offered in English, Haitian Creole, and Spanish
To request services in English & Haitian Creole, please call (305) 377-9922 ext. 227 and in Spanish, ext. 225