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Women's Health

In her home country of Bolivia, Alina and other YW professionals reached out into the community helping new mothers, teaching women to read and providing needed education throughout the community. However, her own life turned upside down after her mother passed from breast cancer which prompted her to move with her family to Miami.

“For a while I thought my life would be the way it was in Bolivia forever. I had a good life, but things totally changed.” As an immigrant in a new country Alina searched for a way to connect to her new community and found the YW right away. Due to immigration issues, she had to wait a year before working but once allowed, she applied immediately. Within 2 years, she was the site manager for YW Miami’s Bal Harbor Afterschool Program. In 2007 Alina received an offer to become the Health Educator through the YW Family Wellness’ Breast Health Program.

“I thought, if my mother had these services, maybe she would still be with us. I now work with many kinds of women to get screenings that could save their lives. I work with immigrant women, and it’s wonderful to know that I can get them the help they need to stay healthy and feel empowered to maintain health.”

Women's Health